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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mrs. Moneypenny or Stepford Wife? UPDATED

Naturally I am talking about Governor Palin here. I have heard her referred to as Mrs. Moneypenny, a Stepford wife and the "hot" teacher of Van Halen's fantasy. All of that is about image and is only sexist BS. What she is, in reality, is a bright attractive woman with some genuine talent and a whole bunch of good fortune. What she is not is a qualified person for the second highest office in the nation. Who is kidding who? Along with the cultish devotion to Obama, this is one of the best examples of mass projection I have witnessed in my lifetime.

What do we have here?

1. Less than 2 years experience as governor of a state isolated from the nation with less than 700,000 population.
2. Ongoing investigation into abuse of power charges and her subsequent suppression of evidence. Update: Found guilty of abuse of power by independent commission in Alaska.
3. A 17 year old daughter forced into a shotgun wedding for political expediency.
4. No foreign policy experience other than living near Russia according to her own words.
5. Virulently anti-choice.
6. Supports the deliberate gunning down of wildlife. I am not talking about hunting either.
7. Supports drilling for oil whenever and wherever it may be available. Not one word about oilco's using up their current leases.
8. Repeated lies about the so-called "bridge to nowhere". Spun and spun but still a lie. Do we dare ask about the $26,000,000 road to nowhere?
9. Out of the mainstream religious beliefs. Her church supports gay conversion therapy and speaking in tongues.
10. No recent press conferences. What is she afraid of? The truth may slip out?
Update: Well, we sure found out the reason for this one, didn't we?

One or two of these might be something I could deal with. The last one multiplies the others by 10 fold. It is very Nixonian and Bush tactic wise.

Those came right off the top of my head and one might note they are not gender specific. There are other things which can't be articulated so easily, such as her vapid beauty pageant demeanor during her speeches which is probably sexist on my part, but it doesn't imbue confidence in me. Honestly,the thought of Sarah Palin anywhere near the Oval Office other than as a visitor freaks me out.

Has half the nation lost it's mind? Seriously. When did people stop thinking for themselves? I.E.; We all saw John McCain shoot his own principles in the back when he embraced George Bush after that man smeared him during the SC primary in 2000. This man has spent the last 6 months compromising every position he has ever stood for, except two. He is anti-gay and wants to repeal Roe v. Wade. Maverick? More like a Pinto. You know, the car that would catch on fire sitting in your driveway.

As for those who supported Hillary and immediately jumped on the Palin bandwagon when her candidacy was announced. What principles guided them to Ms. Palin? Please. How do you turn around and support someone who is the polar opposite in all categories but one? By doing this, they are perpetuating the media image of them as bitter, old lonely women, while making a mockery of their support for Hillary Clinton. How sad.
They dumped all over Senator Obama when he called a reporter "sweetie", yet they now turn a blind eye and make excuses for Senator McCain's repeated worse than sweetie sexist remarks. Again I ask; who is kidding who?

Yes, Governor Palin, you can smear lipstick all over that pit bull, and you may have a "hockey mom", but you don't have a qualified Vice Presidential candidate.


Average Jane said...

Yeah, Kool-Aid is Kool-Aid no matter what the flavor in my opinion. I am still chuckling over your Maverick/Pinto comparison. Oh, the

democraticjack said...

LOL. My dad had a butterscotch yellow Pinto which caught fire twice just sitting in the driveway!
I remember a rather excitable poster at Camille's blog called ssmith who always called Obama a fraud; now she supports two of the biggest frauds in the political realm. That picture of George Bush on the left explains it all.
It's a pathetic truth about the psychology of our nation.

Memorye said...

I understand how you feel. Yes stop and think how we all felt about TM. Changing on a dime her support for Hillary. We all stay with Hillary until the end. And I know we are still behind Hillary 100% . But for myself and I know other we must show the DNC we will not go alone with this corruptions. So not voting or voting for Hillary is a vote for Obama IMHO. What can we do ? No one person has the correct answer.

jslat said...

Hi DJ and AJ and memorye

Just found your site again DJ. Thought I had bookmarked it when I won the mug (yes AJ-- I was a winner :) ) Then today someone on bitterz mentioned it and from the comment I found you!!!

Glad to hear you're as feisty as ever. Since I'm an "unaffiliated" voter, I guess my choice for voting this Nov will not include so much angst.

Ah well.. I'll be stopping by from time to time (have your site bookmarked now!)

AJ... good to see you! I miss you!!!

democraticjack said...

Great to see you guys are all surviving this mess we find ourselves embroiled in this year.
I have a spare room in my house which is so cluttered that I don't know where to begin to organize it. That's kind of how I feel about the condition of this country.
Don't be strangers.

ainnj said...

hey jack and all. I vacillate lately between voting McCain or not voting POTUS but just down ticket. But then I have issues voting for many of the downticket dems too. I am still incredibly angry at what the obama campaign and its surrogates (and I include most of the msm in that) did to Sen. Clinton and then their horrific attacks on Palin. Go afer Palin on the issues or her lack of experience, that is certainly fair game but my god the left has turned into the right with their vicious slimey smears.

seeing bill clinton all over the media these last few days makes me so sad to think of what we once had what we might have had if it weren't for the stupid, undemocratic democrats. boy I miss that guy!

democraticjack said...

Hey ainnj!
I know what you mean about WJC. Also when I read HRC's statement on the economy, I almost wept thinking of the two sorry excuses we have running for HER office.
I kind of agree with, oh heck, Campbell Brown about the sexist treatment of Palin. By sheltering her and denying her an opportunity to speak to the country via press conferences the McCain campaign itself is being sexist and inviting more sexism from the MSM, who hold a great deal of the blame in this whole debacle for not behaving like respsonsible journalist.
Obama himself is a wimp and his disdain for electocracy scares me. What a mess! Where is Bette Davis when we need her?

ainnj said...

unfortunately bette has left the building, leaving the rest of us up the creek without a paddle

Heidi Li said...

Hello fans of Jack!
Sarah Palin: scary. Barack Obama: scary. John McCain: scary. Joe Biden: a nonentity. A wonderful set of people vying to be my neighbors here in DC. Eesh.

ainnj said...

Hey Heidi!

Considering what is happening in our economy, none of these jokers will make the least bit of difference in anything in the next 4 years. What is scary is that useless, do nothing democratic congress with those big ass nothings, pelosi and reid. Watch what they do this week to hold back Paulsen's proposal. We are on the brink of disaster and if they continue to make their politically preening moves, it will be too late and what we saw last week will seem like a broadway musical.

But heck at least joe is good for one or 2 laughs a week. This week's favorite is his telling katie couric that the obama/biden ad stating mccain can't use a computer was "terrible". Gotta love that guy, well, if you aren't mr. obama that is.

I don't think McCain is too scary, a bit cranky, but not scary. Besides, with our crackerjack democratic congress on the job doing their checks and balances routine, we don't have anything to worry about.......right?

Governor Palin is about as qualified as Obama but at least she doesn't have that messiah complex going on, at least as far as I know :) Oh wait, that's right, Obama IS experienced now after "running" a 2 year application for he is running anything!! Personally I hope the media keeps up the bashing of Palin and all the democratic female surrogates for obambi keep coming on out telling all those stupid white bitter gun clinging women folk that they are stupid white bitter and gun clinging non-feminist racists (cause we all know that if you are not pro-choice you are actually the spawn of satan) and that if they vote for Palin they are nothing but stupid white bitter racist trailer park gun clinging spawn of satan women folk! That is a sure winning strategy for the o'biden campaign! shades of heil obama.

But through it all the one gleaming ray of light is Bill Clinton whose has been absolutely inspirational! I was worried how he was going to come thru this and still be the most respected and listened to man in the democratic party....and sure as shit he will be after this, have no doubt! If anyone had any doubts about his losing his touch, those can all be put to rest. His "support" for the democratic nominee (oh, what is his name again?) while praising McCain makes me smile. His chastising the smears against Palin's personal life and his understanding of her popularity again makes me smile. To paraphrase that famous ipod owning telephone porn operator "point to Bill, he gets it"

The bitter old stupid gun clinging women folk are saying fuck you to the democratic party. They will never stand up for you blindly again. Never. Ever. Again!

You know, I do believe I will take my chances with that qualified but cranky presidential nominee with his not so qualified governor vp choice over that not so qualified and ethically and morally challenged presidential nominee with the qualified but gaffe ridden vp.

It's downticket dems that should be worried now.

ainnj said...

by the way, I owned a baby blue Pinto in the mid-70s. With an 8 track player of course. Why I am still alive today is a mystery!