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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Balls. Something lacking in most post-Clinton Democrats. Today, my favorite crazy, Blago, dangled his balls before the world and they were monsters. He dared to use his legal authority as an unindicted governor of Illinois. Senator Harry Reid, whose sac has been dried up and shriveled for years now, tsked, tsked and said no, no, no. Following closely behind, President-elect Obama, kept his boys sheltered and used Sen. Reid's raisins, thereby demonstrating an astonishing lack of leadership yet again. Doesn't Barack have a pair of his own?
Come on guys. You didn't threaten Ted Stevens or Larry Craig's seats, did you? You are letting Joe Lieberman retain his coveted chairmanship after his treasonous behavior. George Bush and Dick Cheney are walking away scot free after ruining the country and destroying the Constitution and Obama and Reid are not making even a weak peep.
Roland Burris is hardly a convicted criminal, is he? And neither is Rod Blagojevich.
He must be taught a lesson by those who cannot measure up due to their lack of testicular fortitude. Balls.


AJ said...

Heh...have I ever told you how much I just LOVE reading your euphemisms? They sure do make me give out a hearty laugh! :)

Heidi Li said...

Although I do think Blagojevich is corrupt, I also think he was extremely clever in making a pick that puts everybody into a pickle. The Illinois legislature was afraid to hold a special election for the seat because they were afraid it would go Republican. So now they can, as you point out, live with the consequences of that craven decision.

democraticjack said...

Blago is breaking the good old boy rules by exposing the naked greed of senior Democrats who are less about the law and more about the facade. If they truly cared about the legal processes then Mr. Burris would be welcomed cordially. Instead they choose to bend the law themselves. It's pretty shameful.