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Monday, January 12, 2009


I am experiencing withdrawal from last year's reality show. No, not Survivor or The Apprentice or that lot. However looking back at the primary season and the election and all the drama and the intrigue and the backstabbing and the susequent hysteria resultant I find it hard not to think of it as one big fascinating televison show. I do know the difference because Survivor and Big Brother were not as well scripted as the Obama Candidacy or the Convention of Democrats which was subtitled Why Democrat doesn't necessarily mean Democracy. Who didn't enjoy the Sarah Palin Comedy Tour?
Ummm, well maybe John McCain, although he did inspire that grand drinking game of taking a shot everytime he said "my friends' in a speech or a debate. Didn't we all cry when Hillary got booted off the island or was that another show? Well, it certainly was scripted that way. I get so confused. I know on Big Brother, some of them get together and make up shit in order to turn the others on the only genuine person in the house. Could Evil Dick and his daughter, Danielle, have been any better than Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews at convincing millions that Bill Clinton was, incredibly, a racist? Bravo gentlemen. You get to stay in the house or on the island or to go work for The Donald.
Yes, it was fun and it was tragic and I cried and I got pissed off. A lot. Which is probably why I can't wait for the next season of The Amazing Race. Both versions.

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