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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sen. Bunning (R.-KY) has been holding up the jobless benefits package long enough to negatively impact thousands of our citizens. He rants about the costs violating "pay go", a bill which he voted against, but a handy whipping boy when it is needed. Just like the Republican's sudden devotion to Medicare, it doesn't pass the smell test. Whatever his reason or lack of, it brings to the forefront the Republican Way of Handling Issues. They manage to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Mr. Bunning made his point days ago. Now he has hurt people. People like him are what causes opponents of abortion to think killing a doctor is just hunky dory. It's ok to invade a country like Iraq and kill thousands of innocents and call it "collateral damage". They will complain about "unions" and workers who get $30 an hour, yet not say one word about an executive who gets the equivalent of $115,000 an hour in bonus pay! They cringe in fear when the very idea of government run health care insurance is dangled in front of them while clinging to the skirts of the private insurance companies who are busy trying to devise ways to relieve them of their money and their insurance to boot. They scoff at the idea the government can effectively manage anything yet defend CEO's whom that very government had to bail out due to the reckless and poor management of their privately run businesses.
I just don't get it.


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why are you so full of hate?

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