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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hunting season?

Stalking their prey, armed with nothing but blanks, they manage to persuade the innocent and the naive and the clueless that they are not the prey, but the victims of the prey. This is the modern Republican/Tea party. No lie, no innuendo, no skewing of the facts is out of bounds. The lack of political curiosity among the electorate plays right into their hand. Isn't Bristol Palin's continued assault on the art of dancing much more important than her mother's blithering inanities?
Camo? They don't need it, because, as the what-does-she-do-for-a-living candidate for Senate in Delaware says to them "I am you". Apparently, this sort of statement is enough qualification for low-info voters. Ms. O'Donnell is no different, in all reality, than the lot running in places such as Nevada, Alaska and Kentucky. She just happens to speak in tongues.

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