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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another place and time....

I am saddened. I knew this day would have to come; and it came way too soon.
I have chosen to remain a Democrat and withhold my vote in the Presidential election this year. I will be writing in Senator Clinton's name but it will be counted as a no-vote in my state. Given the shenanigans fomented by the DNC regarding this season's primaries, I cannot, at this moment, cast my vote for Senator Obama with a clear conscience. I believe I have stated my case for this on my blog several times over.
Having said that, I will not jump aboard the Republican bandwagon.. This nation has suffered eight years of sheer hell under the leadership of Republicans. Millions have lost their livelihoods; their homes; and in many cases, their lives, due to lack of medical care. The Constitution has been trashed; thousands of militia and civilians have lost their lives in a corporate instigated war; our country is in debt to foreign nations; medical research is stymied; GLBT issues are still political footballs; the cost of everyday basic living is over the top and electing another Republican to take the helm of a Republican constructed ship is inviting the fox into the hen house. There is no evidence in recent history to believe otherwise.
We have been pushed up to the edge of economic free fall in this country and the threat of another middle-east war has been jokingly serenaded by the erstwhile Republican candidate. I found it as offensive and shameful and disrespectful as the sexism schism on the other side and just as tolerated by the media.
Hence the reasons I have chosen not to stay and debate over at bitterpolicz. Since the convention, I had ventured to make some comments mildly critical of the Republican nominee and some others, in their enthusiasm, attacked my intelligence and my motivations. I loved my time with these people and I am not about to argue with them because, like me, their minds are pretty much made up. So now I choose to fade away. It took me several tries to say goodbye for which I also took some grief. It was very hard and is sad for me. I kept thinking about the movie Ole Yeller, but I couldn't really pull that off. So I leave them at peace with one another and maybe in four years we'll meet up again.
That is my story. And hearts......


Danielle said...

Love ya DJack! Hope you are well!


Anonymous said...

Hello Jack - I am so sorry you are leaving Bitterpoliticz (where I lurk) as I love your comments, but hopefully I will continue to read them here. Take care.


rima said...

Just a carryo over frm down thread. I dind't leave Bitterpolticz, Camille gagged me after I said I dind't like the notion of creastionism being taught in public school science classes. Not sure why this was ground to be gagged, but it was, and then she wanted to take her blog underground whiel claiming she was being harassed. (MY 'harassment" consisted a of answering email she sent me.)

It's he rblog, she can run it as she pleases, but there was irony in WIlliam commending her for allowing f differing POVs to be heard. What's funny is my POV was a majority one near as I could d tell, so why I got permanently gagged is beyond me. She also went back and scrubbed not just my posts, but all of her own, from the entire thread, so she could deny it every happened.

"Owning" a blog seems to go to some people's heads big time.

I enjoyed posting ther eon teh rathe rare occasions when I had time, but the fact is that the echo chamber effect was starting to become boring.

And while I'm not on board with DJ's answer to what to do on 11/4, I have no problem with his taking it. I think lots of us have had to seriously wrestle with our consciences regarding what path we will follow this year.

I was also appalled by how many over there were completely willing to disregard any and all of Palin's far right stands, solely becuase of her gender. Backing a candidate solely on the bsais of gender is just as bad as what so many have criticized this year, ie, AAs backing Obama solely because of his race.

Anywya, just my take, please someoen say hi to WIlliam for me and if you awnt to live dangerously, you might let b people at Bitter know that yes, Camille does silence voices she s doens' tlike...I'm sure I'm not the only one who didn't just "drift away" but who was dismissed after invoking the Queens' displeasure.

(I've been thrown out of MUCH nicer palces...;)).

To drift back on topic, I will most likely vote for Mccain, though since I vote in South Carolina, it hardly matters. But I will not and cannot vote for Obama under any circumstances.

diana said...

if it's any consolation, I was blocked from the HRCForum simply because I share your views. (I have an e-mail confirming this.) I think that Republicans are taking advantage of our current situation to promote their candidate. So be it.

In good conscience, I am not able to vote for Barack Obama, and I cannot vote for McCain. So I hope to be able to identify and support the *down-ticket* Democrats that promote the issues I care about.

It's good to know that there are folks like you who still champion substance over rhetoric. We may all need to heed Hillary Clinton's advise: Keep Going!

Average Jane said...

Hello My Fellow Virginian :)

Do you know if HRC registered as a Write-in in VA? I will call my local SOS office and find out if you haven't. Otherwise our write-ins do count as "throw-away" votes but in my mind casting a vote for HRC is NEVER throwing my vote away. I can't get on the Republican bandwagon either. As HRC says, NO way, NO how, NO Since I too am no longer posting at Bitterpoliticz I will make sure to stop in to "see" you...even if I never did win your previous contests ::sniff:: Heh...j/k.

Rima said...

Ruh roh..Palin's 17-year old daughter is pregnant and will be keeping the baby? Not sure how this is goign to fly on the right...I can kind of hear teh "what kind of role model is that" chat starting already, from the same people who nonetheless managed to ignore Cheney's one daughter.

Just as well it's coming out whiel Gustav is hitting but...I"m sure this will somehow become a big talking point with the usual, as well as some unusual, suspects.

Anonymous said...

Jack, Prior to the 2000 election, I imagine a fair number of people felt that their protest votes for Nader would get the attention of the Democratic Party. I think we all know how that turned out. Given that VA could be in play for the Democrats, do you really feel tossing your vote will do no harm?

Your friend.

democraticjack said...

It is not a protest vote; it is a vote of conscience. I have absolutely no problem with that.
You need to quit with the circular logic; it ain't gonna work with me.

Anonymous said...

Circular logic? I don't see it. But, I am not as invested as you are in HRC. I just hate the idea of 4 more years without any hope of progress. Phil Gramm, McCain's economics expert, says we are a nation of whiners. Guess they have big plans to fix things. Maybe we'll get a couple more conservative justices on the bench. Civil unions, who needs em. Those kind don't deserve any rights, because god said so.

So, I guess your vote of conscience won't matter. We'll be heading further down the road to redemption.

Do you think HRC will cast a vote for herself when she pulls the lever?

Your friend.

democraticjack said...

Nice try, friend. People from the McCain fold say the exact same thing about my vote. Circular logic. If you vote for Obama and McCain wins, then your vote didn't matter either, did it? Silly, isn't it?
It's not about Hillary. It's about a corrupt system. On both sides. Read my earlier posts. I don't let Democrats off the hook for the condition of the country either.

Anonymous said...

Voting for one of the two main candidates (even the losing one) doesn't mean your vote didn't count. We live in a two party world today, and if you knowingly vote for a third choice, then that is throwing away your vote. And, unless the third party candidate is on the ballot, a write-in for HRC (or anyone) will not even be logged. It will just go into the bin with the Mickey Mouse votes. At least vote for someone on the ballot if you must eschew voting for either of the two main parties.

As a great philosopheler once said,

the cost of everyday basic living is over the top and electing another Republican to take the helm of a Republican constructed ship is inviting the fox into the hen house. There is no evidence in recent history to believe otherwise.

Your friend

Rima said...

I really hate people who want to lecture and scold (and condescend) while hiding their identity. Nothing like standing up for your beliefs.

I have reached a different conclusion than Jack, but feel no need to atopt the tactics we all at one point loathed on TM of acting as if anyone whose opinion and conclusions are different than ours are obviously just ignorant "low-information" fools.

democraticjack said...


Camille decided in her infinite wisdom to place me in moderation because I was taking too long to leave and indulging "in drama".
She then preceded to muddy my name by spinning one email to her as nasty and harassing and threatened to notify my internet provider. I guess she wanted to validate your points about her. LOL.

democraticjack said...

To my anonymous friend,

Flattery used to get people anywhere they wanted with me, but I am too old, too worn out, too cynical.

My answer to your comment is found in my post below about faux unity.

democraticjack said...

A quick follow up. Since I intend to vote a straight Democratic down ticket I will have to go to the polling place. Otherwise, I would have stayed home.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Jack. You win. I will drop it. I never could win an argument with you. I learned that in all those visits to the shop in the back.

Rima said...

"She then preceded to muddy my name by spinning one email to her as nasty and harassing and threatened to notify my internet provider. I guess she wanted to validate your points about her. LOL."

I got the same routine, I was gagged, then she scrubbed her drunken rantings, then private emails to me, thena threat to report ME to my ISP when I told her to go away.

I guess she is now offically TM's "Mini-me." (Though that isnt' fair to TM who as noted, never gagged me even when I went straight at her, which wasn't the case with Camille...I just said somethign she didn't like.)

democraticjack said...

Rima, try as I might TM never banned me or placed me in moderation. She told me one time I was off topic and that was it and I used to go in there and beat up on those people. I guess it is whatever gets them through the election.

democraticjack said...

Anonymous said...
Okay, Jack. You win. I will drop it. I never could win an argument with you. I learned that in all those visits to the shop in the back.

September 2, 2008 7:59 PM

LOL. Did you ever drive a Fox?

Anonymous said...

You got me.

democraticjack said...

What you don't know is you won many arguments with me. I just didn't tell you. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Jack sorry you aren't at Bitter . Will come over here now and then to see what's shaking
in JackVille . You will be missed

paper doll

Anonymous said...


We are all "under the bus" ;-)
At some point someone will have to start a blog for Bitterpoliticz refugees!
At this rate, Camille will be talking to herself *for real* pretty soon.
Hope you are well.
I was blocked as you were at Bitterpoliticz, so I never had a chance to thank you for your help with the letters I sent to the German media. Thanks!!
Always enjoyed your comments, Jack-take care

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