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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ask not what your party can do for your country...

Years ago, I recall the inaugural speech of John F. Kennedy where he declared the torch had been passed to a new generation of Americans. Over the last several nights, I have borne witness to the extinguishing of that torch by the children of that generation. Indeed change has manifested itself but hope left the building along with the presidential aspirations of Hillary Clinton. This carefully scripted television event was laughingly called the Democratic Convention. In a moment of rare courage, Hillary accepted her fate and gently gave the wink and nod to the group which perpetuated this fraudulent travesty upon the American public and more especially the well intentioned Democratic primary voters. Make no mistake, Obama did not defeat Senator Clinton; she was done in by slick politicos in a carefully planned coup to take over the Democratic party and turn it into nothing more than a slick money making machine for it's hierarchy. The current leadership of the DNC and Barack Obama have taken no real steps in the last two years to enact the programs they now promise. They have been too busy indulging in this power play; the result of which is this trumped up extravaganza to crown their selected One. I see little there for the blue-collar guy. Now I am bitter and I can't see that I can do much about it, but believe that miracles do happen. Because if we ever needed a miracle; now is the time. It's dark without that torch to guide the way.


Anonymous said...

You say this was a carefully scripted event, implying that it wasn't the Democratic Convention. You complain about the efforts to turn the party into a money making machine. I ask, what do you think it will take to win an election. Of course the convention is a TV event. It has become all about promoting the party and the candidate. You have to get that bump. And as for money? As Kerry pointed out, you need to have the money to counter the attacks (swift boats anyone) that the opponent will throw your way. HRC didn't win the popular or delegate vote. Get over it. Obama wasn't on the ballot in Michigan, and 200,000+ people voted for uncommitted rather than HRC. The vote count was so close across the board, you really can't pretend like HRC had a dominant win over Obama.

And, the idea that you would choose to not vote, given what is at stake and the closeness of the last several elections, is absurd. Do you really feel like there is no difference in the direction we will head if one or the other party has the White House.

A friend

democraticjack said...

HRC did indeed win the popular vote. If the RBC had not screwed with the roolz she would have won the delegate vote as well.
As far as the direction of the country goes, the Democratic party has done diddley other than parlay votes into power. Read some of my previous posts for my thinking on that matter.
Regarding my vote, I am writing in the name of my candidate. Unless the RBC changes the rules in my homestate, that is.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Not sure where you got your popular vote numbers. Looks to me like HRC only pulls ahead of Obama if you throw in Michigan. And, as I said, he wasn't on the ballot there. You have to figure a fair number of the 238K that voted uncommitted wanted a choice other than HRC.

And, you should know you can't write in on the presidential vote.

democraticjack said...

CNN showed graphics using a variety of parameters to determine the popular vote. If you give Obama all of the uncommitted votes she still won by around 17K votes.

And where in the code of the state of VA does it say there is no write-ins for President. In fact, it spells out the procedure for presidential write-ins in the code.

Danielle said...

Hi DJack!

Sorry we upset you this morning! We were just a bit carried away knowing finally that BO would really lose.We discussed it at length on Camilles earlier and all want you to come back!!!! I for one would really miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

You are right of course. You can write in a name, but unless that candidate has filed with the state to be a write-in candidate, the vote will be tossed.

I am basing my vote counts off of the results posted here: so maybe the numbers I am using are wrong. Irregardless of that, the totals are so close that you would have a hard time justifying picking Hillary over Obama, given that he won based on the rules in place.

democraticjack said...

NJBitch, I will be back. I need time and the right-wing skew to Camille's site this morning wasn't helping.

Anonymous- I have a very easy time justifying picking Hillary over Obama, other than the obvious fact that if he were a white man with the same resume he would have not even been considered. If that's racist, then I own it.
Read my earlier posts if you really want to get at where I am coming from. Hillary was "jobbed" by the DNC and like-minded Party elders early on. It wasn't fair; it wasn't Democratic and it doesn't warrant my vote of affirmation for their behavior. I will write in her name for the sheer joy of being able to say I voted for Hillary Clinton for President.
I will also say that our civil liberties are at stake and both candidates have donated to that cause. That mere idea that a black man who espouses civil rights then flips and votes for FISA is so abhorrent it makes me ill. It says he will do or say anything to gain power.

Rima said...

Hey Jack, just thought I'd pass this along to you, since i can't find anyone else's email, that I am gagged on Bitterpolticz, Camelle cleaned up all HER nasty commetns on the thread before last to me and others, wher eshe apparently disagreed with my sayign I didn't want creationism taught in public school science classes. Now she is moving to "close" he rblog. So much for respectin the slightest bit of disagreement, since she told ME to go vote for Obama afte my post, then scrubbed her own remark, then denied ever having made it.

Tacky. Since you and some others are also apparently on your way out, thought you might like to know that this is apparenlty way she's closing her blog.

Oh, and she also sent me series of increasingly nasty private emails, then threatened to report me to MY ISP for resonding..:).

My actual email is

Rima said...

"NJBitch, I will be back. I need time and the right-wing skew to Camille's site this morning wasn't helping"

Oh hey, I know someone else here..:).

My point today was that Palin IS hard right, and inexperienced, and that people should try thinking a what their opinion of her would be were she a man.

(PS, I can't begin to figur eout how to sign on, I'm "Rima" and not trying to hide it.)

democraticjack said...

Rima, proud to have you aboard.
The response to Palin's selection by most of Camille's crew actually astonished me. I guess eventually the troop rises to the top. I don't care who they vote for, but when the site becomes a Republican echo chamber, just as TM's became a Obama echo chamber, then I feel I must fade out of the picture. I don't wish to argue with people who I like. Yeah, a Camille snarked at me as well for saying goodbye once too often, I assume.
Bless her little heart, as my grammy used to say.

Anonymous said...

This election sure is bringing out the ugly in everybody.

Rima said...

Yes, she seems to be taking it all too personally, while sayign she's open to disagreements.

I'm one who WILl be voting McCain..I'm in SC so it hardly matters...but I understand Dems who just can't do it themselves and don't need to engage in name-calling.

I just really was also surprised at how people can totally overlook how far RIGHT Palin is and only see her gender.

That site wasn't the best fit for me anyone, though I like many on it. But, it was more emotion-driven than analytical and that led to a lot fo posts that really were nothign more than I love Hillary and I hate (insert supposedly funny name for Obama here.!"

I'm more interested in trying to see how the rest of the world, that doesn't live poili8tcs 24/7, sees this and how the media is spinning things.

But Camille..not sure what her issue was today, but she as all over anyoen whose opionion varied from hers, even when we had no reason to KNOW hers, and gagged them, or me anyway, then sent a barrage of emials to me, then scrubbed the last couple threads where she was doing all this, and nwo wants to take her blog "underground"

Oh in the Blogosphere..:). Even TM who I have gone at head on never gagged me.

Any suggestions for fairly lively blogs that are more into analysis than this sort of soap opera?

Rima said...

Bringing out the ugly for real. The of dd thign for me is all I said is I dind't think creationism should be taught in a science class..comp religion, fine..but not as science. The "Then go vote for Bark and Hams!" response was a bit off the wall (and over the top.)

My own take is that jumping on board with Palin solely because she is a woman is exactly like African Americans voting for BO solely because he is black.

democraticjack said...


It's always fun at HuffPo. I've been banned and unbanned there. As far as critical analysis, I have to think Heidi's place is the place to be.
It is amusing that people at bitterz wanted to know what my reasons for leaving were. It showed they never read my prior postings as they were clearly laid out. Now it's all "yeah, ok, see ya". I find it a bit hypocritical for people to start screaming sexism over Palin criticism after reading about Nancy Botoxi or MO's teeth and booty for months now. Those ladies did what they wanted to do with me. They broke down a man, but the man they broke down was always on their side.

Anonymous said...

Rima, one problem, she is more qualified than OBlama. She is not an empty suit.

Anonymous said...

DJ nobody did anything to you, your participated of your own freewill. Now you don't want to participate.

democraticjack said...

anonymous(????). That made no sense whatsoever. It's not about what was done to ME, it's about my reaction to what is being done. You people are throwing the baby out with the bath water. That fantasy that McCain will somehow magically step down in 4 years is contrary to history. In addition, if he wins, then you can kiss a President Hillary Clinton goodbye.
If you are going to make snarky comments, at least don't be a coward and hide behind anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't have a google account. So what do you want, my personal information? How is Obama being president going to pave the way for Hillary?

Rima said...

I don't have a Google acount either but here I am, and as Rima, which is the name I've been blogging under all along.

My own take is whether it't Obama or McCain this year, he will only be a one-termer because the problems don't lend themselves to the "easy" solutions both proclaim.

I've had to hold my nose to vote Dem more than once, but always did so because "our" guy was less bad than "their" guy, but I don't see that this year. But I'm not stupid adn I don't lie to myself, McCain is not a "moderate," he's just an unpredictable and now and then surprising conservative. And Palin, with at best roughly similar experience, albeit executive (so I gave her time some extra weight,) remains VERY conservative and were she a man, I don't think the bitter crown would be greating her with open arms and ignoring what she brings with her in political terms.

If their baseline is "Gender trumps all" then I"m not on board, any more than I think it's right for African-Americans to vote for Obama simply becasue of his skin color.

But mostly it's pretty amusing to see someone provlaiming herself open to others' ideas while simultaneously modeating them, then deletign posts, then taking he rblgo underground. That's actually the best laugh I've had today buit about people who talk about OTHERS havign drunk teh Kool aid, and as DJ notes...trashign the physical appearanc eof BO and MO, then gettign into hissy fits about others commetning on how Palin looks. If looks don't matter, they dont' matter whether you havea D or R after you name, and whether you are male or female.

I guess I just appreciate consistency in one's arguments and some honesty on how someoen wants to run theri blog. If people who offer any opinion the blogowner doesn't like will be gagged, fine..but say so up front, don't gag people, continue the one-sided argument, then deny it all and scrub your site.

Some folks seem to let blog-owning go to their heads for reasons that totally escape me.

Memorye said...

Dem Jack,

I realize why you stay away at the beginning.I am so sorry we as Dems do not treat each other with respect. I know I am as guilt as others. I have said bad things about the people running this Dem. party. This DNC has divide us up. Just like the Repubs wanted. I must say listen to Palin speech really made it real easy to vote for McCain. I know alot will vote for her because she is a woman.To me what ever anyone does as long as they vote against Obama. I am staying a Dem. will not change my party. I have realize thru the years do not run. Stay and change within.I know I will be checking this blog out because I have enjoyed reading your articles.
Thanks Friend.

Danielle said...


Saw some of your posts at Camille's. Please know that I respect your feelings and point of view and that I will truely miss you! Damn, I'm crying now!! Take care.


ainnj said...

hi jack, thought I would come over to see how you were doing.
I don't know what happened Rima but sorry to see you leave.
No one is badmouthing either of you on camille's blog, actually I have seen many posts sad to see you going and hoping you come back but if you don't we understand.
I don't belong to the democratic party anymore. I don't put a party first anymore but respect those that want to stay in it and fight from the inside. apparently that respect isn't reciprocal for some.

I hope you find peace.

Rima said...

I didn'[t leave AINNJ, I was gagged by Camille apparently out of her disagreement with my stance on creationism being taught in public school science classes. Ther ewas some irony in seeing William commend Camille a thread or two later for allowing differing POVs to be heard. POV wasn't even a minority one from what I could see, but apparently different from hers.

She as attacking some other people on that thread as well, but went back immediately and scrubbed not just my comments, but all of her own as well.

It's her site and she can do as she pleases, but it's too bad she doens't have the courage to tell people what she does with voices that she disagrees with.