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Monday, August 18, 2008

Just sayin' part II

I have been overwhelmed by the level of hate speech by Obama supporters; the intensity of which parses every act McCain does as evil or stupid or, God forbid, old. They rank on his wife and his lifestyle and even question his service to country. I despise this demonetization of McCain as much as I did that of Hillary. Then a funny thing happened. I noticed Hillary supporters doing the same to Obama and thought; it's okay; good for the goose, good for the gander. But this sudden outpouring of adulation for a right-wing hack like McCain and the repetition of Republican talking points disturbs me. People are quoting Fox asshats like Hannity and O'Reilly as if they were suddenly Gandhi. But those pundits wisdom equates only to their dislike and hatred of Barack Obama and the Democratic party, something my comrades have adopted. Again I cautioned my peers to familiarize themselves with the true character and record of their new love. I cautioned them to cast their vote at they will, but make sure you know how deep the shit is before you step in. Many of them believe that it is cut and dry and that not voting for one or the other is a no vote for the vanquished. I maintain my no vote is a good and honorable choice.
I cannot indulge the hysterics or manic drama some parlay in. I refuse to throw the baby out with the bath water by voting for John McCain. It's like telling me to decide between drinking a glass of bleach or a glass of lye because it's a matter of life or death. Duh! Some attempt to guilt me into voting by declaring I won't have a say in the coming years. That's just BS. Otherwise those who didn't vote for Bush have no say about what he has done. The logic is that simple.

Here is my previous post on this subject.

I noted this morning good people who believe in the same principles of democracy I do are donating money to John McCain's campaign. I would have no problem with that after the conventions are held. But why right now? The Denver Group needs money, Hillary's debt still needs to be retired, down ticket Democrats could use some dough.
I see people extolling Republican talking points and I know these are caring passionate people but in their fervor to defeat Obama, some of them, if not crossing, are stepping all over a line that I will not go past.
Why does it bother me? Because I want us to reclaim our party, the Democratic party, the party of choice, privacy, TLC, compassion, equality, sharing - you know, the right party, not the right-wing party.
If you must vote for McCain, I have no problem and you can do that in November. Right now, I am focusing on choosing a Democratic candidate

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Memorye said...


This is the way I look at this election. I have to keep working until I know for sure. I have to live today and work for Hillary and my Democrat party. To me November is so far away when we have so much work now to get the DNC to do what is right. I have to believe Hillary knows what is best. We have to stand strong. Because the robbers stole our party from with in. And we need to take it back from with in.