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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Conspiracy to commit fraud is ILLEGAL.

Or at least it ought to be. If you knowingly make a robocall, Laura Ingraham, that tells a flat out lie, then you and the McCain campaign which approved it are frauds.
If you cannot win this election on your merits or by pointing out actual flaws with your opponent, then you ought not to be in the race to begin with. The Republicans have been perpetrating myths and lies for months now. According to the RNC, John McCain and his surrogate and supporters, here is the truth about Barack Obama.

He is a Muslim who attended an anti-American Christian church for twenty years because he was having a homosexual affair with the minister. He has a "mystery" lover who supplies him coke and when that dude runs low, Obama cruises the street in search of studs like Larry Sinclair to snort with. Obama wants to kill your babies and quite possibly eat them since he is a native born Kenyan and probably a cannibal. He is a socialist who wants to kill small businesses by taxing them to death with a 3% increase in their tax rate. He wants to fine you millions if you don't have health care for your children. What's up with that? He wants to kill them anyway. Of course, we all ignore this because he has some kind of hypnotic power to make you vote for him (courtesy of Lynn Samuels' radio show) through "beer can" gestures. ?
Oh we could go on and on couldn't we but according to Sarah Palin I may be violating the First Amendment.


tinglio said...

I don't get it. What did they do?

democraticjack said...

That was just a "teaser" headline for a post I haven't finished yet.

tinglio said...

Maybe that is something like libel - I have no idea

democraticjack said...

Yeah, I am not a lawyer, not even close. I do know that I am sick to death of the vile robocalls I have been getting from the McCain campaign. They lie and they don't address one single issue relevant to this election. On the other side I have received one robocall from Michello Obama which was boilerplate, even banal and didn't even mention John McCain.