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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shout out to Senator McCain..

Senator McCain deserves credit for finally stepping up and attempting to end the irrational and ignorant discourse spewing forth from a few of his supporters before some crazed zealot took his previous silence as assent to perpetrate violence. Now if we could only get Governor Palin to stop deliberately ginning up emotions and anger by her misleading speeches, we could actually believe John McCain meant what he said.
How what she says matters


Danielle said...


This is insane. Do you forget all the crap we took from the BOTS? The inciting and race baiting is not coming from McCain's side. BO's site is the one who has pictures of people with "Palin is a cunt" shirts on it. How much kool-aid have you swallowed? I am dissappointed in your loss of objectivity.

democraticjack said...
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democraticjack said...

Accusing me of swallowing kool-aid is not the key to rational debate with me, Danielle. My objectivity is fine. I don't go to Obama's site and I am sure if there are pictures like that they are soon removed. I give credit where credit is due and I will point our fault where fault lies. I am not voting for "BOTS", I am voting for President.
I am also objective enough to note that you will find very little positive about Barack Obama on this blog. Or didn't YOU notice?

Danielle said...


I will argue with you no more. You have made your decision and are obviously not interested in any attempts at reason.

democraticjack said...

Danielle, where I come from, insulting people is not called reasoning; it's called insult. When you can point out to me what the actual reasoning part of your comment was, I will be glad to debate you. Give me facts, give me the truth, can the emotional drivel and you might have a shot at changing my mind.
I've laid out concrete reasons for my choice and not one of them came with a sip of kool-aid.