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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Over the rainbow

The other day one young woman, Ashley Todd, managed to encapsulate two of society's problems in one ugly act. First, she exposed overt and inate racism by her actions. There were those who gleefully wanted to exploit it as a weakness in Barack Obama's campaign and those who acclaimed it as proof of some flawed character in African-Americans. The shameless hawking of the story by the McCain campaign to the news media speaks for itself. To me it is a loud cracking slap to the face of those who would exploit race and a glaringly bright spotlight on naked racism. We need to stop this nonsense and we need to stop it now. If you care about human decency and equality for all I urge you to visit the Anti-Defamation League to learn more and learn how to fight it and end it.
Ashley's actions, ginned up by unscrupulous politicians, demonstrates the clear lack of available and affordable mental health care, where someone like Ashley would be able to seek out help and learn how to channel her passions and her hatred into non-destructive behavior. It should be universal, easy to find and comfortably accessible. Like racism, all the negative myths and connotations must be eliminated. To learn more about mental health, I refer you to the National Mental Health Association.
These are among issues we as a society have let fester and boil over long enough. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, "What was my initial reaction to the original story?", and answer yourself honestly. I can honestly say I did not buy into it for one minute longer than it took to read it. What about you? Did it give you hope that it might impact the Obama campaign in a negative way? If so, check out the ADL and NMHA and educate yourself and step up to a higher ground.

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