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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Faux unity is just that....

I have a tough time wrapping my head around "forgetting" the last 7 months. The absolute dehumanization of the Clintons, the distortions, the character assassination, not only by the passive-aggressive Obama campaign, but by the MSM, constantly undercut Hillary's message portraying her in the worse possible light, to the point all of the lies and innuendos were being used as conventional wisdom for further trashing by Obama loyalists.
I have a very difficult time pretending that didn't happen.
The incredible, undeniable truth is that, despite all of that, Senator Clinton won the popular vote and nearly triumphed outright, a testimony to her strengths and genuine character. We wanted her as our leader; why should we change that even if she has to throw her support to Obama? That is the difficult question I have to answer.
Force-feeding Obama to me by anyone including Hillary only makes me gag at this point. I can't do it. I won't do it.

In regards to Party loyalty. My mind drifts way back to May 31, 2008. That orgy of self-indulgence where Hillary's case was dismissed and tossed like last week's garbage.
Not to mention that, we, the voting public were playing second fiddle to some arbitrary rules designed to "punish" other Party officials. Who ended up being punished? The Party showed their disdain for the electorate, exposing their own greed for power and authority. We're expected to cozy up to that?

I can even let my mind wander back even further as the echoes of Nancy Pelosi's "impeachment is off the table" clearly demonstrated the DNC's self-interests and not those of country and, we the people, who are seemingly only useful when they need us to gain or retain power. Where have they been when we need them? I only see their backs and my appeals being ignored.
Try not to notice that the price of gas has dramatically increased since our Party took back Congress. This current beta version of the Democratic Party stands for what? Power? Money? We worked hard to put them in office in 2006. Is Blackwater still making money? Does Dubai still run our ports? Has gas almost tripled since they (our party) gained control of Congress? Have impeachment proceedings begun? Did Haliburton move their HQ off shore?
What does the party stand for? They funded every cent Bush asked for the war, didn't they? FISA got passed. So where does this one sided allegiance come from? Who owes who an explanation? The Constitution frees me to vote or not vote for whomever I choose. Now the party I supported for over 40 years is subverting that very basic right. Shame on them.

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You tell 'em, Jack!

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