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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No value meals on the menu....

Dear Rep. Pelosi,
Two years ago, we the people of the United States, invited you and several of your colleagues into our House.
During the courtship, you declared that impeachment was off the table. We, being eternal optimists, took that to mean "at this moment".
As it turned out that was a true statement you made. Your menu is absent impeachment, reform for health care, Social Security, and government corruption. In fact, Madam Speaker, you have set an empty table. With the exception of the minimum wage appetiser, the table is bare, removing even the so-called Dream Ticket months before the convention.
On the other hand, we note that you, and those colleagues we worked for and paid for, dine at the table of the Bush administration. There we have an a la carte menu with items such as FISA and funding for an illegal war, with immunity for the telecoms being a late entree.
Again and again, we turn to your table and there is nothing, no justice for outing a CIA agent, firing Attorneys General at will, voter fraud in FL and OH, torture here and abroad. There is nothing there for the mind or the soul.
Now, we are asked in the name of Party loyalty, to help elect an inexperienced candidate because he is "fresh" and goes to church. We are told sexism can have benefits and doesn't really matter much, after all. Those cavalier statements and others make it increasingly clear that Party loyalty is a one-way street.
Aghast, we glance at the table again. How about the cost of gas? Milk, maybe? Heating oil? Pet food even? Are they on some phantom agenda as well; served up as bait to get us to the polls and get duped again? They certainly are not on your empty table.
In closing, I want you to enjoy your time off next month . Feast upon the convention's fare. Just remember, we are setting up hundreds of little tables of our own and, trust me, they will not be empty. We will have a feast of our own, turning out the old and bringing in the truly fresh and not supporting the spoiled candidate you and your colleagues are trying to force feed us.