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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting real....

Heidi Li Feldman came down to visit me and my family yesterday. It was such a pleasure to meet the woman I have come to admire online for her energy, her skills, her perseverance, her brains and the considerate postings to one and all. She is a staunch warrior for Hillary Clinton and other causes she believes in as well. I will call her a Beautiful Dynamo.

She gave my niece a beautiful pearl ring as a keepsake. It was a memorable moment. My mom showed her the rogue's gallery of pictures in the hall of our family. She played catch with Kayla.
We chatted a bit more and she treated us to dinner at a local restaurant, the Riverboat. We had some cold beer and some forgettable food but a great wide ranging conversation. We talked about family, family secrets, love, friends, religion, the camillians, and of course, politics. Heidi does not have one disingenuous bone in her body and she has great insight and focus. She also has a skill, missing in so many these days, and that is listening. I guess I could gush on forever, but I will just conclude that I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with her and I feel I have made a new lifelong friend. Even if that doesn't develop, the day will sustain itself forever.
Heidi Li, the tallish, petite woman with a heart as big as a mountain and a smile to match.

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Anonymous said...

Heidi Li is a hero for democracy.