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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Let's chill...

As my daddy oft said on days like these, "It's hotter than a two peckered billy goat". How he ever came to that knowledge is unknown, but the phrase is apt.

I want to echo Heidi Li Feldman's call to retire the debts rung up by Senator Clinton's primary run to become the first female President of the United States. Heidi gives logical reasons on her site and I urge everyone to go there and donate via her link.

It occurred to me that the hate merchants in the media who so enjoyed trashing Hillary are almost as disappointed as her loyal supporters are, albeit for a different reason. Watching what little I can take of them these days, I see they are still bitterly clinging to their sarcasm and diminution whenever her name comes up. They are having difficulty letting go and turning that hatred of a woman onto one of their own, John McCain. How they gonna accuse him of playing the gender card? Does he have cankles? Are they going to accuse a man with an adopted black child of racism?
What are they going to do? Attack him on the economy, the war, gas prices? Democrats have been in charge of the funds and the legislature for the last two years and things have not only not changed, but have gotten worse. This is going to be very interesting going forward.

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