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Friday, June 6, 2008

Sexism by any other name...

Interesting for me to watch a CNN panel of talking heads mull over whether or not sexism played a part in this campaign. At that very moment, the Drudge Report was running an ad for a Hillary Nutcracker. Very tasteful, Matt. The panel, all female, said there was a little bit of sexism, but it didn't affect the outcome. Personally, I don't care how you label it; there was pervasive, aggressive, unrelenting bashing of Senator Clinton every day, every evening on virtually every talk show on MSNBC and CNN. I don't watch FOX. It was also prevalent on talk radio, particulary on the Ed Schultz show, under the guise of vetting the candidates. This did not go on with any depth or critical insight when it came to discussing anything which might hurt Obama, even the negative associations with Rev. Wright, Rezko and Ayers, among others. Indeed, these stalwarts of neojournalism actually provided escape for Senator Obama, defending him on occasion and mother-henning the poor lad to keep him from harm, sometimes even blaming the Clintons for Obama's misfortunes. It was blatant. It was constant. It certainly played a part in the image projected to the public of Mrs. Clinton; witness callers and bloggers repeating almost verbatim the points from the talking punditry. I call a foul on them, Senator Obama, who let it go on, and the DNC who stood in silence, while working behind the scenes, virtually crouching down behind the knees of Senator Clinton so that she would fall and fall hard when the media pushed.
My point? I don't know if all of that is called "sexism", but I do know the difference between a man and a woman, and I say the woman was treated historically shameful. All I can feel at this moment in time is that my ass is going to have to be kissed big time to make me vote for Senator Obama in November.

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