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Thursday, June 12, 2008

My friends, the deadenders and idiots..

Well, Hillary-bashing being forsworn in the interests of party unity, the Obama supporters are now trashing those of us who haven't jumped on the hopeychangey bandwagon. I have heard remarks like "are you effing crazy", "you're an idiot" and from one whom I have great respect, we are now "deadenders". We are repeatedly assaulted with Roe v. Wade and every women's issue under the sun. They are laying the Iraq card on the table, along with the health care and economy cards. At first they cajole us with a nod to Hillary and then we are told we need to move forward. It makes me think "who is not getting who"? Us or them?

Here is my view. First, and foremost in my book, is that Barack Obama is decidedly unqualified. He has displayed spectacularly bad judgement beginning with his drug usage in college and continuing with his personal and business associations. He wrote a quasi-autobiography designed to ward off any true investigation into his background and people do indeed use it as a reference guide to his life, as if every word in it were true. And that is not the case. This is a man who has been "mentored" into where he is now, never paying the dues one wants to see from someone seeking a leadership position. His campaign, with cooperation from the MSM, was one of the sneakiest, race baiting ever run by a Democrat on this level, painting Senator Clinton as something evil and anything other than what she really was. The spin and distortions were despicable. We all know who ran the "scorched earth" campaign. Watching CNN and MSNBC on the night Obama won Iowa was a real eyeopener for me, as the "panelists" were chortling and joking with glee and abandonment, making snide and sarcastic comments about Senator Clinton. It was embarrassing, like watching a pundit circle jerk. That kept on throughout the campaign and Obama fed it, either through his surrogates or with his sarcastic comments "Who does she think she is? Annie Oakley? In a duck blind with a six-shooter?". Meantime, the MSM would gloss over or defend Obama and instruct us on how we should think or feel. Their guy "rose above" the fray.

We all know what happened on May 31. Throw that in the mix. Toss in Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean's scurrilous interference in the process and we have a soup which is entirely unpalatable for my tastes.
Sometimes, in order to reorder, one needs to clear the decks, knock the walls down and make a mess. Sometimes, even a little sacrifice is necessary. That's my rationale going forward. No vote for Obama. No money to the DNC. No money to SD's who switched during the primary season. In further escalation of the preservation of my principles, I will not donate to the RNC as well or to any of their candidates. The sacrifice?
I might touch that box next to McCain's name. Lessons need to be taught and sometimes the bullet must be bitten. To me, voting for McCain is taking a bullet and I have really grave concerns about doing that. I am not there yet.
As long as the DNC displays it's lack of concern for the voters and plays power over people, it doesn't justify one moment of guilt to dismiss all their placating and "concern" and fear tactics trying to coax me into supporting Obama. I said before, Obama should apologize, the RBC should give Hillary her delegates, give "uncommitted their delegates and have the DNC issue a condemnation of the way the MSM denigrated her, and then, I just might consider their pleas for my vote.

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